End to end encrypted to-do list, calendar and contacts app for Android?

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Anyone knows any free end to end encrypted to-do list, calendar and contacts app for Android? It doesn’t need to have all three in one app, even I prefer to be separate app for each. I couldn’t find 4096-bit RSA zero access information grade one. Maybe you guys know anything?
I’m a privacy fan and looking for these just to be safe! :slight_smile:


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The problem is that all of your Android contacts already have you in their Google could. Algorithm can easily connect the dots and locate you by any bit of private information.
That being said, end to end encryption is done only while you’re transmitting that data somewhere, and by default, communication with Google servers is encrypted, as would be any other where you’re required to enter your credentials.
My point is that it’s easier to get your device physically and get the contacts out than it is for someone to hack your account and/or intercept your data. And even if you hide your stuff well, your personal data is still floating around dozens if not hundreds of phones.

What would be your angle on the issue?

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Hiya @voyager

My device is from secure brand. And it’s encrypted by 16 digital alpha numeric and special characters, so even it’s protected from boot, if password doesn’t entered. Also my sdcard as well. Sooo anyone tries to access device is selfie taken and will emails to me(even if they break the 16 digit pass, that I have doubt with its possible). Sooo I need to save my contact, calendar and to-do list encrypted locally, even if they are not end to end encrypted, I need a way to get a backup from them and thereafter a hard reset(possible virus or malware because 24h/7d web browsing), restore them back. Is this make sense and do you know unbreakable encryption with 4096bit RSA key that stores locally only in device. How can I do this?


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There you go. As your local storage is secure you can save all the contacts into the phone memory (not SIM, not Google cloud and not your device maker cloud). That’s half of the problem solved.
Exporting them using your built in contacts app is possible into VCF file for example. Then you can move the file to your computer, which probably has encrypted disk as well.

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For contacts, probably Signal app works as E Shorten says.
Other Android security may be provided by Purism 5.

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Thanks. But as my info, the Android and iOS both is vulnerable to attack by Authority they are not 100% safe place to save. Most ridiculous part about Android encryption is that ‘you can’t backup encryption key’ without a third-party application that only works on Rooted Android OS’s, while Rooting Android decrease the security of it, also most bank applications won’t work on Rooted devices. So practically this smells fishy for me that how this phone companies acting dishonesty with all their customers. No hope for privacy fans…

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Thanks. This phone and it’s private OS is not lunched yet. Not sure how secure it could be compared to blackphone. If they don’t know enough security knowledge, phone will not be a complete solution. There is similar projects but non of them was match for blackphone who is rumored getting banckrupt and no hope for new version soon.


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You can cloak your root from all the apps when using Magisk root.
I pass SafetyNet check with it.

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Hiya @voyager

Magisk root the boot partition and leave system partition untouched, so then we can use rooted phone and have bank apps working at same time. But I heard a lot that rooting Android decrease it’s security so badly, and make it vulnerable to hack. How to prevent this?