Move from Germany to Malta and open up a HK LTD


(David_K) #1


im moving from Germany to Malta :slight_smile:

For now I canceld

all my contracts
sold my car,
closed my Company rights/“individual entrepreneur” (no more German VAT)
got a international health incurance at cinga

Now I’ll fly over to malta and hope I wont get taxed anymore in Germany after that ? (will rent for 12months+)

Next I need a new company maybe a HK Limited because they have good payment gateways.

I have like 35k€ on my bank account now, is this enough to be self sufficient ?
And if I open up a HK Company how the taxes will be handled ?

I read sth about 5000eu you have to pay a flat tax now ?
And how will the world income be taxed ?

thx for your time !

(RG) #2

Hey David

Depends on what you do and where most of your payments come from. Keep in mind that setting up a bank account for an HK entity is becoming more and more a pain in the ass. HK corporations end up being really bureaucratic in handling them (I have had an HK Limited for several years until I pulled the plug).

If you need an jurisdiction with high trust, an Estonian company might be a good alternative.