De-Registering from Germany to stop being considered a Tax resident

Has someone de-registered (Ab-Meldung) from Germany and moved somewhere else to avoid being considered a tax-resident in Germany (and consequently avoid their company abroad being considered as a German company and having to declare profits)

What is required for that to happen besides leaving your flat rental or cancelling different contracts? (insurances, phone numbers etc)

Do you need to pro-actively inform the fiscal authorities (Finanzamt) , any gotchas?

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Hey, I am also German and I also did the same thing (just Ab-Meldung) and they asked me: Where to go? And I said “Bangkok” so the next place etc. will be Bangkok.

I cancelled all Insurances, all car contracts, all phones, all homes, all other subscriptions. I only kept my DKB account. To be completely safe you should cut all ties to Germany.

But if I were you, I would not be a “nomad” but I would go for a easy residency like Malta or Georgia or some other place. Because for different things you need a tax-id and also as a nomad it can be tricky. I am tax resident of Malta now. But Philipines etc. can also be fine.

And: Keep going, it will be the best decision of your life. :slight_smile:

I found to be a good site to check on stuff. Malta / Cyprus residency and being a nomad is quite good for EU members, Philipines, Thailand and Malaysia if you like Asia and use it as a hub. Also Georgia and some other countries like Ukraine. But you should have some residency because after some years you will stop travelling around all the time. And by definition you will always have a tax residency depending on how long you are in any given country. So its better to have a tax residency on paper to prove that you are a tax resident somewhere else if you get into trouble.