Crypto tax planning

i´m currently residing in UK but think of leaving this year. i have a German and Canadian Passport.
i am planning to trade most of my altcoins into btc this year and it could leave me with quite a high tax bill even though i don´t plan to cash out to Fiat.
i could move back to Germany and benefit from the tax free rule if you hold coins longer than 1 year, but there is the 183 day rule and i am not too sure if i would have to stay in Germany for at least 183 days until i can benefit from that tax rule - does anyone know?

second question would be, are there other “easy” options around EU where i could move to get residency and trade with lower taxes or even tax free? (i read portugal might work, but Crypto cannot be your main income if i am not mistaken otherwise you pay quite high tax) also thought about Dubai, maybe get a job there for a while just for the purpose of tax residency? as i know a good friend with a great network there.

thanks in advance.

get hex instead