Bitcoin Capital Gains in Portugal for EEA/EU citizens


I’m a EEA citizen looking at options. Portugal has come up on my (and many others) radar for 0% capital gains on Bitcoin if held for >1 year. Unfortunately information is hard to come by and conflicting.

I’m interested in others experiences going to Portugal for over 183 to change EU / EEA tax residency and cashing out Bitcoin in Portugal and how the tax process went for you.

Perhaps this thread could be a place to gather and swap advice and recommend specific lawyers / accountants / banks within Portugal that are more experienced with this process.


I don’t have any experience of cashing out Bitcoin in Portugal - we’re going through the Golden Visa process - and what I can say, in Portugal, no information is totally reliable. You may get prepared for one course of action, but then things will change, rules/laws, and you won’t be able to prove anything.

your comment is less than useful.

One suggestion, if you’re in Portugal, or visit Lisbon, join Meetup. They have many Crypto groups of expats looking at ways to optimise their activities…just a thought. There are many crypto people here, Lisbon has a reputation for it & I guess there’s a good reason for that.

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I may just do that. I noticed a few groups on my visit last year. You’re referring specifically to right?

Yes, that’s it, and it’s reasonably active in Lisbon

okay, thanks for your input!

I found this today on reddit, perhaps this will help someone else: