Bitcoin and Portuguese Golden Visa

Iā€™m looking for a way to get a Golden Visa in Portugal all while keeping investments in Bitcoin.
Currently, I see 2 options:

  1. Creating a company, putting 350k there and making it buy BTC on its balance sheet (Microstrategy-like move if you heard of it). This is a personal solution Iā€™m currently considering.

  2. Setting up a VC fund that invests in Bitcoin. This is more of a mass solution to other Bitcoin locos who flock to Portugal for 0% cap gains on crypto. One potential caveat here is that fund has to invest 60% in Portuguese companies. It could be an ETF-style fund that puts 60% in real estate and 40% in Bitcoin, for example.

If there are any lawyers who are interested in giving Legal Opinion on that, and potentially working on setting this up, please get in touch with me.
@guifig do you have any thoughts on this?


Or you can buy a property and apply for non habitual residence status. You pay no tax on overseas income (outside portugal) for 10 years.

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How is this related? Does getting residency through bitcoin prevents from getting NHR?

I know thereā€™s been some companies where are you can make loans with bitcoin to secure real estate. It seems like this could be done through a similar platform but working with Portuguese companies.

Interesting! Any updates from your research?

I am also looking at applying for the Golden Visa partly because of Crypto currency but I also want to spend sometime over there and be able to travel around Europe. My concern is I have properties in the UK that I rent out plus my own limited company. I therefore pay Tax in the UK and file a self-assessment each year. One of the questions is regarding income from property abroad. If I am not taxed in Portugal would they not still tax me in the UK. I am willing to sell property if needed or set up limited company to buy the property but as I would like to purchase a place near the coast I would need to act quickly as I know purchasing property is about to end. Any advice would be appreciated.

I will say you will find it incredibly setup your own venture fund, it will have to go through so many levels of scrutiny and approvals by the government, simply not feasible for one person looking to park their funds for the GV.