Bitcoin and Portuguese Golden Visa

I’m looking for a way to get a Golden Visa in Portugal all while keeping investments in Bitcoin.
Currently, I see 2 options:

  1. Creating a company, putting 350k there and making it buy BTC on its balance sheet (Microstrategy-like move if you heard of it). This is a personal solution I’m currently considering.

  2. Setting up a VC fund that invests in Bitcoin. This is more of a mass solution to other Bitcoin locos who flock to Portugal for 0% cap gains on crypto. One potential caveat here is that fund has to invest 60% in Portuguese companies. It could be an ETF-style fund that puts 60% in real estate and 40% in Bitcoin, for example.

If there are any lawyers who are interested in giving Legal Opinion on that, and potentially working on setting this up, please get in touch with me.
@guifig do you have any thoughts on this?

Or you can buy a property and apply for non habitual residence status. You pay no tax on overseas income (outside portugal) for 10 years.

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How is this related? Does getting residency through bitcoin prevents from getting NHR?

I know there’s been some companies where are you can make loans with bitcoin to secure real estate. It seems like this could be done through a similar platform but working with Portuguese companies.