Assets/Funds eligible for Investment


I just joined and wondered whether crypto is considered and eligible asset for GV purposes if done through a fund. If anyone knows someone or has maybe a shortlist of funds I’d appreciate if you could send me their contacts.

Maybe it is just me but I just don’t feel like locking 0,35-0,5mln for 6 years(below reasonable ROIs) - haven’t even seen a fund offer just the mandatory 5 years if I am not mistaken, so the lock ups seem a little unreasonable for me.

Is it an option to set up a fund myself though, not sure that works? Maybe someone knows some loophole.
Maybe others considered it as well and might wanna join forces on this one.

All just my opinion

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Crypto isn’t much of an investment in Portugal nor is it benefiting Portugal very much. The rules are specific on this point - you have to contribute to the capitalization of companies primarily based in Portugal. All of the qualified funds make investments in assets that are in the country in one form or another.

The point is to entice people to invest in the country despite the lower return in order to create jobs and otherwise benefit the country. If you could get good returns you would likely invest there even without the enticement of a visa. TANSTAAFL.

Thanks for the swift reply, valid point. IMHO a profitable fund pays obviously taxes which is a pro for the local economy. Given 20% average ROI’s p.a. across the board it’s quite something one loses out on.

Expecting 20% returns consistently…lol

No this is obviously not an investment Portugal wants to direct money to

nothing to expect if you are capable,

thanks for the opinions though

But cryptocurrency transactions aren’t taxed in Portugal, right? So net benefit to local economy, zero. Ok maybe for businesses it’s different. It’s nothing I pay attention to. (Not all of us are capable.) But then too if you’re talking about a FCR structure, I believe it’s a pass-through entity, so if the cap gains pass through to the holders, then yeah net benefit to local economy zero. Even if not, the FCR is tax-advantaged, so again, tax benefit minimal.

All that said, the applicable law:

for the acquisition of units of investment funds or venture capital fund of funds dedicated to the capitalisation of companies, capital injected under the Portuguese legislation, whose maturity, at the moment of the investment, is, at least, of five years and, at least, 60% of the investments is realized in commercial companies with head office in national territory;

You might somehow wedge a cryptocurrency trading operation into that definition but it doesn’t seem very easy. I’m guessing that by the time you waded through all of the paperwork and bureaucracy required, in a not-entirely-business-friendly country that you aren’t (I assume) familiar with, and convinced all the people you’d have to convince, you’d really end up wishing you hadn’t bothered.

Hey Jeff,

thanks a lot for your write up. That’s a proper thought right there. I get your point. Looking at it from that perspective might be smarter to go for another solution to cover for the opportunity costs of the capital lock up.

It’s always relatively difficult to find people one vibes with for such an undertaking