Buying property for golden visa with crypto

Hi guys,

I am planning to lodge my Portugal golden visa application next year but I am still thinking about the property buying process.

At the moment I have my money half in crypto and half in my bank. It won’t be too difficult to transfer my money in my bank once my Portugal bank account is finished but I am still not sure how I am going to cash out my crypto in Portugal. I read that in order to be eligible for the golden visa, one must prove that the fund comes from outside EU. How do I prove that the fund comes from outside EU if it is in cryptocurrency? Also, how do I show that this fund comes from legal source, free from money laundering?

Please give some comments or share experiences if any one of you were in the same position before.

Thank you

Have you considered taking a loan against your crypto assets? There are several services that allow you to take out loans at 25% to 75% of your crypto asset value. The proceeds of those loans would then be delivered as a bank transfer in USD, that would probably be easy to document for Portuguese government purposes.

Feel free to DM me if you want more details on any of the services, this is the route I’m planning to take for my own GV application next year, so have researched the alternatives quite a bit.

Why wouldn’t you just sell your crypto and put that money in your bank and then transfer the whole thing?

Hi Albert, we are a real estate developer based in Portugal. Our company is open to receive crypto for purchase. Feel free to drop me a message!

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Hi Rachel

How about the ‘legal’ Golden visa if buying property with crypto?

Is it common that portugal accept payment with crypto?

What cryptocurrency do you accept? any additional fees?

Thank you

Hi Rachel,

I just joined, wondered whether you have a prospectus with properties and developments I could take a look at. Very keen to act swiftly.

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