Portugal crypto

Hi guys

It’s my first post thanks in advance

I’m trying to move to Portugal to become a tax resident on 2023. I’ve been reading a lot about Crypto status NHR and taxes but still have some questions:

  • Can you just go to Portugal with your holdings without having an occupation and just cash out a big amount at the end of the year or so? ( No NHR required )

  • Are the banks cooperating in the cashout process or do they freeze and ask for a lot of papers if the amount is let’s say 6 figures ?

  • NHR sounds like a way to bring your dividends to Portugal but at the same time seems like tricky since you just cannot do a setup ( LLC LTD ) because they will tell you are operating the company from Portugal so if there is no real activity you have to pay 20% plus Social security. Is this true ?

Many thanks :+1: