Offshore company, Crypto and NHR Portugal

So I happen to have a successful company that I’ve been running for years. However its incorporated in the Seychelles. I’ve just bought some property in Portugal, moved here and registered for NHR. Now I’ve realised that the Seychelles is on the Blacklist and will create high taxes to receive income/dividends from here.

How can i get this LEGAL money into Portugal without paying 35%+? Ive read about the no tax on crypto here. Can i convert to bitcoin and then withdraw that was through an exchange?

Currently have 200k+ so would be looking to move 10k plus a month to finance my life here.

Also own another legal company in Canada if that helps somehow. Any advice or suggestions welcome.

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Good afternoon and prosperity. Use (intermediary) between you and the company in Seychelles. For these purposes, it is better to use a company or foundation with registration in Scotland. Sincerely, George of VTG Group

Hello, I’m a Portuguese tax lawyer. Feel free to reach out via PM. Best wishes, Guilherme

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Good afternoon, how much will it cost to open and service a Portuguese offshore. Regards to you.

Hello. What do you mean by Portuguese offshore? Best wishes, G

I’m not aware of Seychelles being on any blacklist.

It is on Portugal’s blacklist. Here’s the latest version (2019):

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have you had any success with setting up an intermediary or anything similar? Am sitting in the same boat.


yes do this! this is a great way

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where are you based?