Moving to Portugal while waiting for preapproval

Hi all. I have found this forum so useful in finding out about the entire Golden Visa process and getting updates and views on the recent drama. Was wondering what to do in my situation. My family and I filed a golden visa application june 2022. We are planning to move to Portugal in July or so this year. Since hearing anything further from SEF is unlikely, is the right thing to do just to move on a tourist visa? I asked my lawyers about applying for some other visa but they said that is likely to impact the golden visa application. They said to just come on the tourist visa as I am not an ordinary tourist but one with a pending application. I read that this might have been the law in the past or for people who applied before 2021. If I do what my lawyer says and move to Portugal on a tourist visa, will I just be deemed an overstayer or some illegal immigrant and have my application rejected at some point down the line when it comes time for the residence card? Thanks for any advice!

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This link - similar title - which predates your post - may provide some insights. The consensus, as I understand it, is that once you enter, you may have difficulties travelling until your situation is regularized: Moving to Portugal right after pre-approval.

Another link: Moving to Portugal before GV residency cards are issued

Definitely donโ€™t apply for a D7 or other as it will invalidate your golden visa app

If you move after pre approval you wonโ€™t be able to travel outside of portugal

I would not move before preapproval