Portugal temporary stay visa, whilst waiting for golden visa?

Like quite a few folks on this forum, we’ve applied for GV, but stuck in limbo, with no idea how long SEF is going to take for any of the steps. Could be 3 months, or 18. But we’d like to move to PT asap.

Does anyone have any experience/knowledge about the “temporary stay” visa, and if its even worth thinking about trying to get one of those, whilst we wait for the GV visa to come through?

Thanks in advance!

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Why go for the golden Visa instead of d7 if you want to live there?

Not sure if definitely want to live there full time all year round for all 5 years…

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Very reasonable, just asking to make sure you considered it and get some more info for more knowledgeable people to chime in

Thanks Garret.


when looking for extension of stay in Portugal, i find below info, hope it helps:- about stay here after end of June 2022.

Update of COVID-19 measures: Acceptance of expired documents - NoticiaDetalhe - ACM.


Thank you for this.

Do you have any info on what documentation is acceptable to SEF to use when trying to use this regulation? I.e when at the border?

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Hi Nik! Did you end up going this route? We are considering the same.

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No, sorry - just ultimately all seemed not doable .

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Did you ever get your GVs?

December 21 submission, still waiting for pre-approval…

That is awful! We just submitted last December and absolutely can’t wait that long. Ugh.