Need a responsive realtor to help with normal home purchase, not golden visa

We are trying to buy a property in Portugal, but not a golden visa qualifying type. Just a good old home in the north of the country. The realtors are simply non-responsive. every single one we’ve contacted. They maybe reply once in a while and disappear for weeks. Is this normal in Portugal? DO you know of anyone who is actually interested in being a realtor??

Thank you!



When we were initially exploring GV investment options, we exchanged several emails with this agent. Ultimately we decided on a fund rather than real estate.

He was responsive, but he is based in the Lisbon area. Perhaps he can refer you to a colleague in the north.


Thank you so much! I will contact this gentelman! hopefully, he’ll get back to us :slight_smile:

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We worked with Luis de Silva from Algarve Senior Living (he doesn’t deal just with seniors despite the name). He deals with Golden Visa buyers as well as non-visa buyers. We did not buy a golden visa property.

We found him to be super responsive, honest, and really listened to our wants and needs. Since then we have continued to look for other properties, both for our own use, and for investment, and he continues to be the same. He’s also a wealth of information with trusted network of other services, which has been extremely helpful to us as we have tried to navigate Portugal as US expats. We highly recommend him!

Moderator edit: Please don’t share contact details publicly. Luis can easily be contacted here.

If you contact him, please feel free to let him know that Colette and Rob sent you. (No, we don’t get any kickbacks or any benefit from this, we just like him and his team to know we are singing his praises).



Thank you so much for this helpful information. I will contact Mr. Silva promtly.

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I’ve worked with many and I now can recommend 1-2. In Porto only, I don’t have experience in other cities.

Hi Vasula,
I run two real estate companies in Lisbon and would be happy to have somebody from my team assist you. You can email me via this form: and we can take it from there.

I am having the same responsiveness problem with the portuguese people.
Now I think that it is culturally normal in Portugal that people do not response to emails.
I have tried with all sorts of people: accountants, lawyers, bankers,…Sometimes they return my emails in 03 weeks or even one month. Sometimes, no response at all.
Not really sure what makes it so diffucult to answer emails or people are just happy enough with their life and they do not want to expand their business and/or seek more customers. Strange !!!

I’m sorry live2learn, it is quite frustrating, honestly. I don’t get it. They don’t respond to emails, phone calls, whatsapp messages. It almost seems intentional.

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Thanks, Tariq. My name is Vusala, not Vasula. Do you work in Braga area?

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Same here. However, to certain extend, it is still good that we are aware of this problem. Things get much worse in Portugal. Just expect to wait 50-100 times longer than what it usually takes in other countries. :sweat:

Hi Vusala,

Thanks for reaching out.

We focus primarily on Lisbon and Cascais but we may be able to connect you with partners in Braga depending on your needs. What kind of property are you looking for and what is your target investment size?

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Thankfully, so far, I have not had this experience with the firms I am working with. My lawyer and banker get back to me with a day or two.