Need International Cell Phone Advice

Need Advice. I am about to purchase a new cell phone and I foresee living in several countries within the next few years. Presently they include the USA, Mexico, Uruguay, Columbia, Portugal (including the Azores), Malta, and Italy.
I have been reading up on dual sim card phones and they appear to offer a lot of flexibility. Can anyone provide advice on what I should be looking for besides ensuring frequency compatibility?
Any advice greatly appreciated.

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Hi, I’m using Google Fi for more than a year already, and very happy with it.
Now adding my wife to the plan.
With wife I’ll pay $35 per month + $10 for each GB of data.
It supports 200+ countries. I personally tested it in Germany, Ukraine, Turkey, Dominican Republic, Belgium, it works awesome.
But you can only activate it in US. I ordered the phone to my US friend, he received it, activated it, and brought it to me to Dominican Republic.

Thank you for the advice, it sounds like it should work in the countries I want to travel to in the near future. I will look into this immediately.
Greatly appreciated,

Hi Rosa, I also travel a lot, and have a dual SIM phone.
I keep my main simcard, the number that hasn’t changed for years, in one of the slots. This is the number used by banks, etc, for 2-step authorisations, and the number that most people know I can always be contacted on.
In the second slot I use a simcard that I pick up in whichever country I’m in at the time. Depending on where that is, these sims can be picked up quite cheaply, and often have much more generous data allowances than your ‘home’ sim.
In India, for example, you would get 1.5GB per day, plus calls and texts, for something like US$6 or 7 a month. Tether that to your laptop, and away you go!
My phone, if you’re interested, is a Nokia 5.1 Plus, bought online in NZ for about US$130. Very convenient and not expensive. There are lots of others available. Good luck, John C

This is exactly what I needed to know. I can’t wait to start traveling again. This is fantastic news.
I will be much better prepared this time around
Thank you!!!