Best Worldwide Phone Simcard packages

Hi Forum,
I am currently traveling frequently between Kurdistan, UAE, Spain, and the UK, with further traveling across the majority of European countries in the next few years as I live in my Van.

I have a UK mobile and looking to retain my number and wondered if anyone knows the best packages as I don’t particularly want to keep changing simcards en route.
I also use Skyroam Solis for when I need data and am in the mountains or away from any wifi free coverage

any advice welcomed.

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The best will be a French Plan. this one particularyRED SFR 15g
You’ll have 60gb for France but most importantnyl

  • unlimited call and texts in Europe, USA and Canada and Switzerland
  • a extra bundle of 15gb available in All Europe + swisterland + usa + canada

for EUR 15 per month, and no contracts

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How about this

They have early bird special especially in local plan.