What Items Are Essential to a Digital Nomad's Backpack?


(Adam Warner) #1

Hello Nomads,

I’m doing some research, and am trying to narrow down the items that are absolutely essential to pack as a digital nomad. I know this will vary by the region in which you’re travelling, but on a broad level:

What things did you pack but didn’t end up needing?

What did you leave behind, but wish that you’d packed?

And, what are the items you brought that you use the most?

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

(Philip Broughton-Mills) #2

One thing that’s been good to me is a power splitter. So when I’m at an airport or cafe and all the outlets are already in use, I can still plug in. https://www.amazon.fr/Legrand-LEG50632-Fiche-Multiprise-Latérale/dp/B005JR2N40/

(Mario) #3

Digital or not, we all need to wash clothes. Sink plug, so that you can wash your clothes :slight_smile:


Spare cables for some of the electronics, solar charger, little flashlight, zip-lock bags, photocopies of your documents (scans or images also stored on some cloud service).

Recently heard how practical Kensington cable lock can be, so I’d take that one as well. Can be used to nicely secure your backpack or at times just the laptop.


(Jyoti Josahentara) #4

YES! I also have a nice power splitter - with USB and three-prong outlets. I use it a lot.

(Jase Rodley) #5

I keep meaning to get one of these. Thanks for the reminder.

(Tak) #6

I like shower toilet (or washlet) but it’s too big to bring for travel.

I take portable reasonable one :

with petbottle (Japan size).
The name is Botllet costs JPY108 ($0.9, €0.8) at 100-yen shop in Japan. :hugs:

(Jyoti Josahentara) #7

I cannot find a pet bottle or Botllet on Amazon and is this anything like a shower-toilet that is shown in in shower-toilet link? I’m thinking Japan’s Amazon offers it where it’s unavailable in other countries (I’m in the USA). I had not heard of a shower-toilet before, so I found the shower-toilet website very interesting indeed! Thanks for the link, tak Pioneer.

(Tak) #8

There are so many dangerous places in the world like nuclear plants and wastes.
To detect and avoid radioactive area, like

I have two Geiger counters portable and useful.
Soeks amazon.jp is useful and less than half price in comparison with amazon.fr.

Aircounter is reasonable.

Especially in east Japan including Tokyo, (from Yokohama, east Nagano, to Sendai, Morioka) you should avoid visiting there within 200km from fukushima nuclear plants. Highly contaminated drinking water and sea shore and fishes and soil and so on those will shorten your life.

:bomb: It is much more dangerous than indiscriminate bombing and terrorism.

(Tak) #9

Hi, Jyoti
You could have the similer items under the name of portable bidet. Although the price is 10 times more expensive, i.e.