What are your favorite travel apps/services/products?


(Thomas K. Running) #1

I’m currently writing one long-ass article about the best travel apps and services for nomads, PTs and long-term travelers. I want to feature products making it easier to plan your travel :computer:, improve the travel experience :flight_departure:, and finally help you get to know and explore the places you travel to :world_map:.

What are your personal favorites? Let me know here and I’ll consider including them in the article (and give credit where credit is due, of course).

(Lewis Smith) #2

Well, I’m biased, but I use this app all the time: https://geo.itunes.apple.com/us/app/world-time-widget-instant/id912698955?mt=8&at=10lvJe

NB: I made this app :slight_smile:

I also use Foursquare a lot when I’m in a new place

(dreaman) #3

Www.priejuros.lt the best one here in a middle of europe.

(Thomas K. Running) #4

@lewis that one looks useful!

(Craig Ferguson) #5

I’m a big fan of https://www.starlingbank.com/ it’s simple and quick to set up. Lots of features. Great for international travel and it also offers a business account

Xe.com app for iPhone - great for a quick currency check

(Dia Joy) #6

I like my Waze, takes me anywhere.

(Thomas K. Running) #7

Waze still only has car navigation, right? Not public transport, etc? :slight_smile:

(Dia Joy) #8

True, but I usually drive even when abroad. Yes, Waze is still developing but I like it.

(Krista) #9

Using the Google Translate app has made my life so much easier. I can take a picture of a sign and it can translate it into my native language or I can directly type in a word or phrase I’m struggling with. I’ve never used it to have a full conversation, but when asking questions it’s a game changer. I was in Poland a few months ago, and needed help finding my train. The person helping me spoke okay English, but kept pointing to two different trains that were two different colors. I tried to ask them if the train I was supposed to be on was yellow. Well they didn’t know the word ‘yellow’ and got a little frustrated. Until I popped the word into Google Translate app and showed them the screen showing the Polish word for yellow. Found my train!

(John Hagley) #10

For those who transit Singapore all the time, the iChangi App is a god-sent! Punch your flight details in and it gives you directions, alerts you to your flight and gate changes. Piece of mind in an app.

(Spencer Soyemi) #11

Internations - saved me from the nightmare and almost depressing trip I took to Abu Dhabi
Travel Buddy - has been super impressive

(Ankit) #12

Biased but, will do a shameless plug here. Check out Blubyn - The future of travel . We have built the travel booking experience of the future, 10x better than the current options.

(Julia) #13

My top website for traveling is Airbnb. Sometimes - Hotelscombined.com.
To buy tickets, I use kiwi.com.
And offline map is a must not to get lost in a new place :wink: