What are your favorite travel hacking tools?


(Thomas K. Running) #1

What are your favorite tools to help finding better and/or more affordable ways of getting from point A to point B? Both for flight booking and other types of travel… :thinking:

Some long-term personal favorites include ITA Matrix (although less powerful than it used to be) and Flystein. Any other ones?

(RG) #2

(Øyvind Aasheim) #3

When going from A to B, you’ll often need two flights.

Typically people take flights that connect at the same airport. And sometimes at different airports in the same city.

However – if you fly into one city, take a stopover, and can continue from a different city, more flight options will be available.

Therefore, if you during your stopover use overland transport between cities, you may need fewer flights and spend less to reach your destination. I’ve often planned trips like this.

My site PanFlights facilitates this principle. When you search for one-way flights there, you may get stopover suggestions where you will travel on your own between nearby cities.

This works best with low-cost airlines, between cities that are not directly connected. And when using flexible travel days. A couple of days between flights is normal.

Here’s an example: Fly from Turku, Finland to Athens, Greece in the end of October.


When writing this, the cheapest suggestions (sort by price) include:

  • Flight Turku - Gdansk. Own travel to Warsaw, for instance with bus. Flight Warsaw - Athens. €49.
  • Flight Turku - Gdansk. Own travel to Poznan. Flight Poznan - Athens. €56.

These prices are estimates, since they include educated guesses of public transport fares between cities.

There were other stopovers options, in Budapest or Krakow. Great cities to visit as well.