Brainstorming options for storage as a nomad

Hi everyone,

Currently I’m a nomad who works remotely, and I move around relatively sedately.
Everything I own has been in a large backpack for over 5 years. Almost all of my time is spent around the west pacific rim.

While I try to keep getting rid of things that I don’t need anymore, the issue is twofold:
(a) a build-up of sentimental items, which I cannot throw away, and which I cannot leave “back home” as I don’t really have one; and
(b) some of my stuff is only applicable to certain climates / countries, e.g. some countries are warm all year round, but some I visit have winters, so I need a coat etc, but I don’t want to have to carry this with me to the warm countries.

So what I want is a place to store this stuff. Does anyone have experience with this?

My current idea is to find a small (big locker) sized storage offering, in a city where I’m likely to either pass through (i.e. hub city e.g. Singapore) or likely to be staying, and treat that as my virtual “closet” for both my weather or country specific gear, and also to store my sentimentals.

I’m not too price sensitive, but ideally around 100USD or less / month (I don’t need much space). It needs to be a perpetual contract, billing to a credit card, and most importantly: no restrictions against nonresidents.

Hope someone might have some tips, hints, ideas, etc.


For sentimental items, take photos of them and put them as your laptop wallpaper, then discard the physical copies.

If you’re willing to spend $100 per month on storage for winter clothes, so say $600 per summer, then you may be better just donating your clothes to a thrift store at the end of winter and spending $600 on a new set 6 months later.

I have speciality waterproof boots because my feet are extra wide so I carry mine with me all year, but I pack my clothes inside the boots so they actually take up little space in my backpack.

For a winter coat, I layer. I have a thin waterproof jacket suitable for summer (Berghaus Paclite 2.0, which rolls up the same size as a t-shirt), which I wear over a t-shirt and thin fleece in winter. I also find that I often don’t need a coat, only a collapsible umbrella.

Here are some other suggestions:

If you don’t have a lot of things, I’d suggest looking into a valet storage service. The difference with a standard storage is that they will deliver/pick up your stuff to/from the hotel or apartment where you are staying (in the same city, of course), so you don’t need a car. Typically they provide standard plastic boxes to store your stuff. The customer area on the website has a list of your boxes with photos so you can choose which ones you want delivered.

I am using one of these in Europe and I am quite happy with it. It’s more convenient for me than a traditional storage. This one charges around €6/box/month and €10 per delivery.

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@clr : Interesting !! Do you have some names to share?