I need some advice on logistics. My possession would probably fill a 20 ft container and I’m planning to move from Brisbane to Portugal. Has anybody here done this, and how do you manage it?

Logistically it’s a bit of a nightmare. I’ll need to be in Australia to pack the goods, but then be in Portugal to receive them. If I don’t yet have a residence, where do I store the stuff? And when it’s time to unload it all, how do I get it to the flat or house?

No, I can’t just sell it all off. This stuff comprises my work tools (electronics) mostly, including parts I’ve accumulated over 45 years. As well as boxes of valuable DVDs, CDs, hi-fi gear, ham radio gear, yachting instruments, computers and a metric shit-ton of books.

While we’re at it, anyone know about import duty rules for Portugal? I assume they won’t regard much of this as “exempt household goods.”

Consider putting your belongings in storage in Brisbane. While I can’t imagine that it would be cheap, it would be much easier and cheaper for you to travel to Portugal without extra pressure. Once you have sorted out your new home, you can ship your items over.

Sure, but that means traveling back to Australia and arranging a shipping company where I won’t have either transport or a residence, so it just shifts the problem back to the home country and costs extra in travel. This isn’t just like loading up a container and having it picked up by a truck, it has to go via sea and the paperwork is a major headache that I’d rather deal with in advance.

Admittedly I may have to make two trips anyhow due to the ludicrous situation of not being able to apply for a NIF via the internet. I guess these guys just don’t think about the fact that Australia is almost directly on the opposite side of the planet.

I found a “freight forwarder” to store my furniture, then put it into a container and onto a ship.