Moving from Lisbon to Porto, Portugal & other stuff

Hi, I have received my CRUE (European citizenship) and NIF number. I have also opened a bank (millennium) but have not yet receuved bank cards from bank (I signed up on the 3rd August). I sort of feel bad because I’ve done all this in Lisbon, but am not going to move to Porto because the apartments are cheaper, and I think I prefer to live in Porto anyway.

I also haven’t registered for the health services because I think it’s better to register in Porto. Do I have to reregister for anything because I’ve changed addresses?

I have four suitcases of stuff. The only things I carry with me are my laptopgs and digital equipment because that’s my work, and I would be in a tough place if I lost that.

I will fly from Lisbon to Porto because it’s quicker. But I can’t take 4 reasonably heavy suitcases with me, and I don’t know what it will cost.

Any suggestions?


If the solution space is constrained by the requirement that you must fly, it seems like a puzzler. Without that requirement, I’d be tempted to take the 4 hour train ride and bring my baggage with me, or rent a car one way. With all of the overhead of getting through the airport checkin and security and boarding and and so forth, I don’t know that it’s such a huge time saver to fly that I would refuse to consider other options.

It’s the amount of time spent in a confined space with others. That is much less in a plane than in a train. I am not vaccinated.

My American drivers licence has expired. I swopped my British driver’s licence for a South African one, so that is what I have now. I am not sure if I am allowed to drive in Portugal on a South African driver’s licence.

Isn’t there a limitation on how much luggage you can take on a train? Do they have compartments, or is it bus style. If it is bus style, where does one put 5 suitcases?

If you’re only just in the country and you have an appropriate enough passport or something, I can’t imagine a SA DL wouldn’t be acceptable for the purpose. I imagine no one at the rental car companies are going to look too closely in the current environment.

Have you asked if the airline will take your 4 bags? The overage might not be cheap but it might be cheaper than other options.

I have a German passport, but a South African driver’s licence. No, I haven’t asked what it would cost to fly my stuff from Lisbon to Porto.

Is there no such thing as a moving company in Portugal? Also, with things like sendmybaggage etc. it’s door to door, but they can’t pick up baggage from a hostel or something.

What do you call expensive? I refuse to pay €400 or something to ship 4 suitcases. That is madness.