Porto - luggage storage options

Hi All - am going to need some storage options for about 1 month later this year. Looking to store some valuable items (lap-top, maybe a camera lens) along with dirty laundry :).

Not really keen on using the lockers at a Porto Metro or Campanha, as they don’t give me great vibes for the items I’m thinking of storing.

I only need about 1 month of time, and I note there are self-storage options in Porto, 1m3, for example.

Question: Anyone have experience with these providers? Other ways to solve the problem? (alas I don’t have friends I could stash the items with…).


Usei “usebounce”, não tive problemas, mas só usei uma vez, então, cuidado

Obrigado… e, sim devo ter cuidado!

There is a place across from Trinidade Metro station called Spot where you can store luggage and the rates are different based on the number of days

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