Renting apartment for one month in Portugal

I am planning to be in Portugal in summer this year. I am looking to stay in Lisbon, Porto, Aveiro and Braga spending one month in each place.
Most real estate agents offer leases for 3-6 months. I am not keen on Airbnb.
Would appreciate if you can suggest any apartments or sites which give leases for a one month period in these cities.
I am looking for a two bedroom apartment in a budget of Euro2000.


For the short-term, I’m aware of a few options other than Airbnb (I’ve been using Airbnb for almost 10 years and have always had great luck (though only for listings with > 5 believable reviews) like VRBO, Flipkey, and 2k is likely going to be challenging. Another alternative is to use the local Facebook groups in each city that allow you to post real estate stuff.