How to get free U.S. & Japan shipping addresses (Stackry, ZenMarket)

Hello guys,

I’d like to share some of my shopping tips.

Stackry gives you free U.S. shipping address and storage. Their New Hampshire storage is free for 45 days. Each account gets its own storage.

I shop from US online stores like Ebay and Amazon and send the packages to the Stackry address. They let me ship consolidated package to anywhere in the world! No ID or address verification required. Just register on Stackry, and you’re all set. They charge $2 per each package they process.

And if you’d like to shop on Yahoo Japan Auction, Amazon Japan, check out ZenMarket.
They’re like Japanese version Stackry. First, you shop at Japanese online stores through ZenMarket website. Your items will be delivered to ZenMarket’s storage in Japan. and they’ll consolidate your packages and ship to anywhere in the world. No ID or address verification required. They charge 300 yen per each item. Japanese EMS shipping fee is very cheap. For small electronics, it costs about 20,000 yen to ship them to U.S.

I think they’re the best shipping forwarding companies I’ve used. Now I can shop from so many different stores at much better prices! i.e. Japanese electronics are much cheaper in Japan. They’re very nomad friendly.

If you guys know any similar companies, please add them below! :grinning:

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free U.K. shipping address:

free German shipping address:

free U.S. shipping address

You can shop on and with their shipping addresses!

For UK I use designed for people with no fixed address. It’s low tech, low volume, just some woman working out of her home to provide the service, but it means she handles each item individually so you can make very specific requests. Requires a scan of any passport to setup.


Forward2me gives you a free U.K. shipping address too! and they don’t require any ID document or proof of address. I used Forward2Me before… and they’re just like Stackry. So if you don’t want to share your personal information, Foward2Me is a good option :grinning:

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