What mail forwarding services do you recommend?


(Josh Cutler) #1

Hi everyone! I’m looking for a solution for receiving mail in the US, getting it scanned, and potentially forwarded to me wherever I am. I would also like to have an address somewhere in the EU as well.

What do you use? What do you like about it? How much is it?

(Thomas K. Running) #2

I’m not an expert on European :eu: options, but in the US :us: I’ve been really happy with Virtual Post Mail.

They are quite reasonable for modest volumes of mail (I think $15 per month is the current starting price). The UI is also much better than the other options I’ve checked out, being fully responsive so easy to use on mobile, too.

They only offer one address location, though (California, near LA). So if you need something else, have a look at Traveling Mailbox. They offer quite a few locations.

(Josh Cutler) #3

Thanks @tkrunning—I’ll give those a look! Does anyone know any European options?

(wischi) #4

I use https://www.clevvermail.com/ in the UK and https://www.shipito.com/ in the US.

(wischi) #5

I just started using https://www.getcaya.com/ for Germany, it’s pretty awesome as you can have them setup mail forwarding from your old address in Germany online. Use the code jssdigital to save 10% every month (not my code).