Post to email services in the Nordics


(Dennis) #1

I locking for a post to email service in the Nordic country’s. I want to get all my post scanned and set to a email account or some other services?

(Thomas K. Running) #2

Are you looking for a service like this in any Nordic country :iceland::norway::denmark::sweden::finland:, all or a specific one? Is it for business or personal reasons?

I have some experience with it in Denmark, and could do some research regarding the other countries as long as I understand you needs a bit better.

(Ellen) #3

Hi there, I have a place in Sweden and because I travel a lot I have a mail redirection with Brevia in Stockholm:
You get a postbox which you can collect from but they will mail post onward to you with a charge for each parcel sent (I do this).
They will also scan and email if you wish.
You can manage the redirection, addresses and timing including pausing, on their web site yourself.
The web site is in Swedish but they all have excellent English and you can email or call them.
Absolutely top notch service but not cheap - nothing in Sweden is.