Residence Post Address, mail forwarding

Hi everyone,

I will be working and traveling a lot in the coming year. However, I’d like to have Portugal as my base. I would like to have a residential address where I won’t actually be living. Once things calm down, I’ll look for a fixed address, but until then, I’d like a temporary residential address.

Additionally, I’m interested in mail forwarding or mail scanning services with the option to forward via email.

Does anyone know where to find these types of service providers?

Have a great day

When you say “have Portugal as my base”, do you mean for tax purposes? If so you’ll need to at a minimum rent a place/room in a place for the year, keep (some of) your stuff there, etc. Also remember to apply for NHR before it’s too late.

If going for a room in a shared place you could of course ask some of your “flatmates” to let you know about new incoming mail.

Alternatively, you could get a cheap Portuguese address from Anytime Mailbox (option 1, option 2) and have CTT forward your mail there from your residential address (make sure you’re on the Portuguese version of the site or the link won’t work).

  • The CTT forwarding costs €155 for 12 months
  • The Anytime Mailbox addresses cost €9.99/month

CTT would only forward from one PT address to another PT address, right?
So what is the point of doing that in this scenario, or am I missing something?

They actually also forward from Portugal to abroad (for a surcharge), however in the scenario I describe above you’d maintain a rented property for tax residency purposes and have the mail forwarded (domestically) to a place that would scan and/or forward it to you internationally.

Desired outcome: All your government letters, utility bills, etc are addressed to your residential address but will be forwarded to the address where you can have them scanned or forwarded globally.