Virtual residential address in Malta

(G) #1

Can anyone recommend a virtual residential address in Malta – the sort of service which notifies you of any mail and can scan or forward the mail on request?

(Free) #2

To get a residency you need an actual address not virtual.
Anyone done airbnb way or maybe know a reliable landlord that is willing to rent for 6 months or so ?

(G) #3

You’re right, but until I get settled, I will probably bounce from one Airbnb place to another, or rent a room in a flat but not be registered there, etc. Would be good to have a fixed address.

(Carl K.) #4

My experience with landlords and agents in Malta is not exactly peaches, they will happily rip you off with the electricity and water prices unless you know what you are doing and what to expect.

Also the island is quite tiny and the most densely populated country in Europe so bargains are hard to come by. The nearby island Gozo is probably where you can get the cheapest lets, but be prepared to pay more if renting less than a whole year.

I personally don’t intend to live in Malta for most of the year (like 99 % really) and I’m going to spend my days as a PT (and by that I don’t mean a personal trainer) only returning for short visits once a year.

An idea might be for a couple of people to get together and do some kind of “timeshare” arrangement with a rental, although that brings a certain new dimension of trust into the whole thing that would have to be sorted up front.

As long as you can show your name on a rental contract (and you are an EU citizen) you won’t have any problems getting residence documentation (you need some other stuff too of course) and once you have the residence card opening bank accounts is easy-peasy.

From what I’ve heard from long timers on the island the authorities generally don’t have a clue and don’t much care as long as you pay something but they have been wisening up lately, and it is no longer possible to for instance rent an office and register yourself as resident there (with your own company renting to yourself). Go figure…

(G) #5

The ‘timeshare’ arrangement is not going to result in a rental contract with all parties’ names on it, although it would be efficient from a cost point of view.