Malta: ordinary residence - feedback?

What is your feedback on living in Malta with non domiciled ordinary residence? I am US/EU national and consider relocating there and work remotely as self employed IT freelancer, but also travelling to customers abroad, therefore I wonder whether the 183 days in requierement is actually checked or enforced. Also, since Malta imposes taxes only on the money remitted into the country (and not income earned outside Malta), what is a safe amount to declare on the tax return based on a realistic cost of living there in order to minimize taxes and social security contributions?
Do the remittence rules also impose income tax on money brought into the country to buy a car or a real estate property if I am a non domiciled resident?
For Americans living in Malta - are you exempt from social security contributions in the US if you make contributions in Malta? USA has no totalization agreement with Malta on social security contributions.

Thanks a lot for your feedback,