Any Mail Forwarding Services that meets domicile requirements?

The only one that seems to be applicable is EscapeesRV. I checked their sample address against the USPS lookup here: and based on the information presented; it seems like it would work.

All the PostNet, Virtual Mail, etc addresses would show up as “commercial”. Which means I would need to first locate a friend :joy:, ensure that they are trustworthy enough :thinking:, and then finally, per their permission, use their address as a non-shipping address.

Bonus points if you all know of an applicable forwarding service in TX or even better the Houston, TX area.

It strikes me that this should be fertile ground for a cottage industry of work-from-home folks, who could take on invisible “roommates”, and scan or forward the occasional letter. When I was in my 20s, I would have loved to bring in a few extra bucks every month renting out a (literal) shoebox to some random person overseas…especially if the person had a clean criminal background report.