Mailbox service in Bulgaria please? Or Bulgarian advisor please?


(Blonde) #1


Do you know a mailbox service in Bulgaria or a solution where I can receive my letters for a reasonable cheap/value-for-money price there? I could not find any cheap solution in Bulgaria unfortunately :frowning:

Is there any Bulgarian friendly people here that looking for making new friends and offering a residential address as mailbox for me for a fee?

:blush: Thnxx

(Philip Broughton-Mills) #2

I can’t help with a mailbox but I will just warn you that I found Bulgarian mail incredibly slow. Letters sent from the UK took 5 weeks to deliver.

(Blonde) #3


What’s the reason, is country under development or it’s like third row country’s?


(Philip Broughton-Mills) #4

Sorry, I do not know the reason. Further mail warnings:

(John) #5

Hello Blonde,
You can always go to a post office and ask for a mailbox. The fee is very low (I think around 45 leva - 23 euro).
If a mailbox does not fit, I have a few addresses of my own in Bulgaria.

Best regards,


(Alise ) #6

Here’s one option, however, I seems rather expensive:
I know that in my home country, Latvia, many office buildings also offer to register a legal/ post address there. Here’s a similar service in Sofia for 25 euro/month: Also lawyer offices offer similar services, including an address in Bulgaria:,
But I guess these are not really cheap options!

(Blonde) #7

hi @johnvdk

thanks. may I ask the 23EUR is monthly or annually? and how big is the letter-box. Its just a few letters that comes for me, but I need to forwarded to London/UK. Is postoffice offers mail forwarding with that mailbox?


(Blonde) #8

hiya @AliseV