NHR and running a US LLC or UK LTD?

Hi everyone,

I relocated to Portugal a few months ago and I am in the process of creating a company abroad, my first thought was to use Malta as I lived there - But last week I met an “expert” in international taxes and he told me that it was possible to simply run a US LLC and get paid in dividend.

From my understanding a US LLC being a pass through entity, you will have to pay taxes at the personal level - so at 20% under the NHR - you can’t pay yourself in dividend like you could do with a UK LTD or even a company in Malta / Estonia, etc.

I would love to have the feedback of people who have a similar setup - and not from an “expert” who might be selling a service. Is there anyone under the NHR and using a US LLC or another type of company abroad? Feel free to send me a PM if you prefer, thanks in advance!

I’d love to know about this also. I currently have a US LLC and plan to move PT next year.