NIF: If no longer needed, must I still pay for fiscal representative and/or file taxes forever?

I’m afraid to ask how much lawyer is charging you for everything else. That’s just insane. Fire them.

Mine wanted to charge me 600 euros each (one for me and one for my wife) so I do not think those numbers sound off for law firms to charge for that service.

Yes, I agree, Jeff perhaps was a bit too trigger-happy :slight_smile:
My lawyer I recall wanted around EUR750 for tax representation per person…
Instead of firing the lawyer altogether for that ask, I’d rather just decline this part of the service offer, politely.


Very informative @Onward , thank you.
I was exploring smooth options to apply for NIF, and it seems that the NIF online is a good one - thank you Nomadgate for the discount code. However, their services/fees include one year of fiscal representation while am already a resident of Denmark and I do have a TAX ID there, but I am going to be working remotely from Portugal, in this case, do you think NIFonline can still process my NIF application and deduct the charges for the fiscal representation as its not required for my case?
Another question, I have already obtained a proof of address here in Portugal ‘‘declaração de morada’’ do I still need to provide them with a proof of my address in Denmark? If so, do you know what are the documents that can be accepted other than bank statement and utility bill?

Went to Portugal. Found a place. Paid 10% from an EU account as I was resident elsewhere in the EU. Did the NIF etc after and paid the 90% through Portuguese account.

Getting a NIF is a simple process and can be done by yourself or a lawyer /representative if in the country. You refer to

their services/fees include one year of fiscal representation

so I presume that you have been given a quote by NIF online for services that include tax representation in Portugal. If you do not need tax representation and will be living in Portugal as a “digital nomad” for which there is now a special visa/application process, you do not need to accept the tax representation process - and I assume you can ask for a revised quote excluding this. I haven’t used NIF online so others who have, will help on this. You will likely end up doing all your fiscal claims online through the ATP site ( and will learn Portuguese fast in the process!