IMI Taxes Due on Lisboa Property Purchased 02.01.22

Hello - Does anyone have any experience paying IMI taxes for their property in Lisbon?

If so, are IMI taxes due each year or is there a period after purchase when taxes are not due?

Unfortunately, I am unable to access my account on the Portal Das website to determine if I owe taxes for my municipality.

Any suggestions would be most appreciated. Thank you!!

IMI (Imposto Municipal sobre Imóveis) is billed & needs to be paid every year as long as you own the property. If you own the propertly jointly (eg with spouse) it is billed to both persons. The bill usually comes in springtime (between March to May) and if you do not reside in Portugal officially, it is sent to your tax representative by the ATP (Autoridade Tributária e Aduaneira).
Your lawyers can pay it on your behalf, or you can pay it directly.
If you look at your NIF, (which is your Registo Central de Contribuente/tax number) with the ATP, it states under “Representante” at the bottom of the first page, the entity you have stated will officially represent you to the ATP.
If you dont have direct access to the portal, ask your representative (normally your lawyers) for the passwords etc. and if they dont have access, you might want to ask them to facilitate access for you.

Thank you, Onward! I am quietly freaking out as I was at my apartment in June and didn’t see a bill in the mailbox.

I haven’t paid anything since I paid the stamp tax February, 22; so, will contact lawyers next as I cannot access the portal to see tax bill.

Meanwhile, still awaiting my husband’s pre-approval and I applied/pd Dec 20, 21, his application paid January 20, 22. My lawyer telling me SEF is working through the numerous applications, yet I completed biometrics mid-April, 2023.

Wondering if I need to change attorneys or just wait it out…

Anyway, thank you again for your time and response!

I would be surprised if your husband’s application is approved for quite some time. Still working through the end of december

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Thanks, Garrett. However, if approved wouldn’t it be noted on the SEF portal?

I check and it’s still “Under Review” while my application still noted as “accepted”, no request for DUC…

Yes, as I said I don’t think your husband’s application will be approved for quite some time - the late payment date is screwing you

Thanks for the clarification! :blush:

Agreed, I would have thought the late payment date (1/20/22) for his application filed Jan 16, 2022 would be an issue until I read notifications like this one:

“Got pre-approval on 15.09 for myself and 2 kids. Wife still pending.
My application was on 28.12.2021. Kids and wife were later in Feb-March 2022 timeframe.
I still can’t believe this finally moved forward!”

I filed husband as dependent, but I guess it is moot as we have no choice but to be patient and wait.

Hmm, good point. Maybe their lawyers wrangled something? I can’t explain that

Possible…or just the quirks of the system. ;<)

Thanks again for your insight into a truly confusing system (for me!). :rofl:

Our lawyer who is our tax representative never received the IMI tax invoice this year. I had to log in to the portal das finanças and get the bill myself.

The password to the portal should have been mailed to your tax representative. You can ask them for the password.

@wkb - much appreciation!