Tax representation

For my GV application, lawyers are charging 1,200 Euros per year for tax representation (i.e. 6,000 Euros for 5 years to file taxes while I may not even be a tax resident and have zero income in portugal - since funds will mature in 8 years time).
The services included:

a) File for all tax declarations that you may be obligated to present under the laws of Portugal (mainly Stamp Duty and Personal Income Tax);
b) Assure Client’s Tax payments;
c) Claim, challenge or appeal from any decision of the Portuguese Tax Authority with which the Client may disagree, provided that there are legal grounds to do so;
d) Provide to Portuguese Tax Administration all information that may be legally requested.

I think this is a steep fee, but I do not speak Portuguese - may not be residing in the country - and filing taxes is a nightmare everywhere - moreover do not want to make a mistake that will harm my GV process. However 6,000 Euros feels like lawyers cashing in on GV applicant’s ignorance and fear.
Does anyone have thoughts on these costs? How complicated/easy is Portuguese tax filing? Or hiring a tax consultant separately? I do know some lawyers charging 300 Euros per year too for tax representation - but then I fear there may be some hidden fees.

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EUR 1,200 per year for tax is total BS.
Speak to Fiscal Point, who speciliase in tax filings. I think they will come out to EUR200-300 per year max pp.


That’s very unreasonable. I read somewhere on NomadGate about this service that charges less than 100 Euros for getting your NIF and tax representation. I have not used them, but you may want to check it out:


These are the costs I have been seeing as well. It is the cost of convenience and, to a certain extent, a guarantee that things will be done properly. If you want it to be hassle free because you don’t have time to manage it, that’s the price to pay. However, if you have time to be on top of it, you may find cheaper alternatives - which will require you to spend more energy and time. Again, if you can manage the time, go for the cheaper one; otherwise be ready to pay to avoid trouble.

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Definitely don’t pay €1,200 per year for tax representation. If all you are after is the NIF, there are services that can get you the NIF and tax representation for less than $150 a year (they won’t be filing taxes for you).

As you pointed out, you may not even be a tax resident, and thus won’t have to file taxes (at least until the end of your fund’s term). Even if you did, you are better off hiring a Portuguese tax specialist for much less. I can’t comment on how much they run, but I highly doubt any tax specialist will charge you anything over €500 for a single filing, let alone €1,200.

I also don’t subscribe to the argument that paying €€€ up front offers peace of mind and/or convenience. If you have not properly vetted the firm, they are just as likely to yank you about as a much cheaper firm. It seems like you might have to only file a tax return when you derive income through capital gains (from your fund). So you putting it off for a few years shouldn’t be that bad.

Be wary of any service that ‘specializes’ in GV cases. My bullsh*t meter goes on high-alert as they tend to prey on wealthy but unsavvy investors.

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I’m using for my NIF and am happy with their service.