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Dear friends, dear nomads,
First of all I wish that you are all safe, at these complicated times.
my situation is very complicated, at least at the moment, but getting there.
To get things as clear as possible:
A few years ago I left on my sailboat to cross the Atlantic. I live on my boat. Every months, for the last years I have been on another Island, that is in the Caribbean, another country !
I have signed off from my country, as with the 183 days rule, I don’t live there anymore.
I have formed an LLC in Delaware, as non us citizen, nor resident, and my business is outside the usa. So I pay my “flat rate”
BUT, do I need an EIN for this?
Also, I believe Nomads do not have an address? As, well, which is my official address? Are we exempt from paying taxes, I mean were do I pay my taxes?( not LLC taxes) Opening a business bank account now, is also very challenging, due to covid 19 travel restrictions.

Thanks very much if you can put “some light” into this.
Kind regards

What country’s flag is your boat registered under?

You need an EIN if you operate your LLC as a business. The link below explains how to apply.

Whether you are taxable outside the USA depends on facts such as your nationality and the country of source of your income as well as your residence.

If you have an active cash flow an already live on a boat you seem to have pull it off pretty good if you can continue to pull it off, as long as you have the cash flow coming in you and your constantly moving you are not really a residence anywhere and dont need to be bothered with the income tax

Thanks for your answers.
But, if you have an LLC registered in Delaware, you need to open your business bank account there? This is impossible now. And they ask you for an EIN. And they ask you for your residence. If I don’t have a residence, like now, …, and no SSN, etc. . How to do?

Even if I am not US citizen? I don’t do business in the US?
Even if I don’t have to pay taxes ?

Like @isochronous was asking, where you registered your boat can be a solution or an extra problem. Where you are from could also play a part (you never said where).

Take a look at setting up in Georgia instead of maintaining your Delaware LLC. Also look at TBC Bank in Georgia. As you don’t do business in America, it seems to be creating more issues for you than solutions.

Hope this helps…

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