Online payment services that work in less developed and developing countries

Hi Everyone
the main reason I’m joining is none of the online payment service to help me do remote work does not work in my country. I tried Paypal, I can only use it to buy online not getting paid :). Payoneer, not working, Skrill and Neteller does not work in my country
Sad, I feel very sad that in this 21st century there are countries that are still closed to the remote and nomad life.

In case you have solutions, please let me know.


When I joined, Thomas, the community manager, suggested me some solutions ( LeuPay, Transferwise, and Paysera ) which I’m trying.

I tried LeuPay and first signals make me think I’m getting closer to a solution. With them I can open an account whicn I couldn’t with other solutions I’ve tried up to now.

Now I’m to try whether my clients will be able to use that system from their end. LeuPay let me know it won’t be any issue. I’ll keep you posted.

Glad that it looks like LeuPay will work for you! Let us know how it goes!