Overstayed tourist visa need to go to UK

Hi, I’ve been overstaying in Portugal ever since I applied for D7 visa. Now my visa is approved on my passport and I need to go to UK and come back with a stamp.
Will I have a problem leaving Portugal and then come back with my D7 visa?

Congrats on getting your D7 visa approved! Generally, you shouldn’t have any issues leaving Portugal and re-entering with your new visa. Just make sure you have all the necessary documents with you, like your passport and visa, and be prepared to explain your situation if asked. Safe travels!

You most likely won’t have any problem. There is no great control when you are leaving, especially if you are leaving to the country from where your passport is. When coming you’ll have the visa so you’ll be fine too.

I recall talking with lawyers when considering a move to Portugal 2 years ago. They all said you can/must stay in Portugal while the visa application is being processed without the time being counted as normal Schengen time.

Ie- now you’ve got your D7 you havent been 'overstaying