2 UK passports & Portugal D7 visa

I have applied for the NHR and the D7 Visa.
I have had the first interview at the Visa / Consulate and submitted the paperwork - all went OK except that they needed more proof of income - they will accept a letter from a chartered accountant so I`m getting on this week
I applied for a second UK passport - which I got a couple of weeks ago

They let me keep my passport as I had a plane ticket. Presumably I should give them my newest passport as it has a longer expiry date? I am leaving the UK tomorrow for Madrid and then on to Lisbon where I will live

Do I need to come back to the UK to give them my passport if / when the application is approved? Can someone else take my second passport to the office since I`ve already had my interview?

Once youre application is fully approved, they will email you to say to go to the consulate in the UK (usually not the same place as youre interview) at which point they will stamp youre passport. I doubt anyone can take it for you, but worth emailing them??? I would advise taking both passports in case they need to see youre old one. Good luck