Permanent Residency or Citizenship

I have gotten my Portugal GV with the intent of retiring in Portugal with my husband. My understanding is that he can also apply for permanent residency when I apply through family reunification. Does anyone know if there is a benefit of one or the other to obtain full citizenship or just remain as a permanent resident? We will be receiving income via our 401ks as well as social security from the US and also some investments.

Obtaining a citizenship is a one time process, vs. ongoing (expensive) renewal expenses for permanent residency. Citizenship gives you unlimited access to the rest of the EU. The point is still being debated about whether ARI PR is applicable in the rest of the EU. As far as I can see, citizenship is a strictly better option in every way. The one interim advantage of permanent residency may be that the process is faster and simpler, while the citizenship acquisition process is reputed to take some time and patience.

Although youโ€™re still limited to 90 days within a 180 period, which is true for any residence permit, not just the permanent one.