Place to stay with low taxes

Hi you all.
I’m not working currently because I left my job some years ago to join my husband, as he was transferred abroad. Nowadays we are back in Argentina ( our homeland) and deeply concerned due to the high taxes that he should pay. He’s now working
for an US company, but he works one month wherever he is sent and one month he’s off. In other words, he works 180 days per year. We also have Spanish citizenship, then we could have our residence in Spain, but taxes there are not too low, besides that our
family is in Argentina and we want to stay close. Any suggestions?

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How about incorporate in Singapore, be paid there in some form as a contractor, not a salaried employee, yet take up residence in Taipei, Fukuoka or a smaller town on the Japan Sea coast. Or, consider Andorra?

Andorra can be a good choice. Thank you.:slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Marian,

Given the fact that your husband is not working where he lives, consider moving your main residency to a country with territorial taxation. See this list of tax systems, and take note of the ones that are territorial. You can also consider Malta and the Philippines, even though they are not listed as territorial.

If you’d like to stay reasonably close to Argentina you might consider Costa Rica, Panama, Paraguay, or Bolivia.

The question is then if you’d be willing to base yourself outside Argentina to save on taxes. I’m not sure about the rules in Argentina, but probably you should aim at spending more time where you are resident than you do in Argentina.


Peter Lucas at that site may be able to assist you.

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@jase is the founder of Andorra Guides, so if you are considering Andorra you should definitely reach out to him :slight_smile:

Hi Marianita,
This is one of the most complex issues one can think of, because you do not set up your permanent residency in a place just because they have low taxes. Other factors (family, ethnicity, culture, development, and a lot more influence the decision. Furthermore, there is no perfect place, you will always have to compromise and what is reasonable for some is inadmissible for others. You have only one life time and you do not want to live it miserably just because of extorsive taxes. This said, taxes although generally are high everywhere, are not charged in the same way. Neither are benefits. So you should look for one that suits better your income profile and offers the benefits you want. Note that sometimes you can change your income profile (incorporate, etc) to become less liable to taxation. Yes, you can live in a high taxation country and pay lower taxes than in a low taxation country. Seems a paradox, but it does happen. It all depends on how you fit (or don’t fit) the existing fiscal system. But this is a homework that you have to do yourself because nobody knows your preferences and particular conditions.
I passed through Andorra, but seems a bit boring. Maybe I missed something. Also, if your husband travels a lot, you should find a place with a suitable international airport nearby. Argentina, unfortunately, has gone down the drain. Did you consider Uruguay, which is next door and seems more adjusted to the world economy? Or Chile? If you want to leave SA (wise move), think about Spain (same language & culture) or Portugal (one of the best places to live in Europe). Yet do not expect low taxes on income.
Note also that banks worldwide have set up a network that restrict you from getting your own cash or transferring it to another account in your name. It’s a pain.

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Totally agree. I won’t move to Uruguay due to personal reasons related to that country. I’d better chose Chile, which is closer to my place in Argentina. Hubby and I have dual citizenship ( Arg and Spain), then Spain could be a choice even taxes aren’t too low there. That is why Andorra could fit, due it is almost part of Spain. I am considering Portugal as well. Nice place, similar weather, language and culture than Spain and lower taxes.

Get more info about a Tax-biz en Zona franca,Tierra del fuego maybe ?

As for andore, I think Argentina has treaties for Tax exchange informations between National Banking in the following countries:
Andora, Costa Rica, China…
So, wouldn t be very helpfull to pick-up one of these…cierto ?

Hi. Tierra del Fuego has no taxes for buying imported stuff, but with limitation. I mean, you can buy 2 bottles of Scottish whisky, 1 camera, etc. I don’t think that Costa Rica has special benefits, even loads of retired US citizens live there and the country seems to be a place prepared for them. Never heard about China being a good place to settle. I’ve been there as a tourist and was amazed. Andorra can be interesting.

Costa Rica, like several other interesting options, is a territorial tax regime country. Any income sourced from outside of Costa Rica is not taxed at all and doesn’t need to be reported.

You can find more options here. Up to and including Saudi Arabia are generally your “safe zones”.

Note that other countries may be “safe” too depending on a bunch of factors. Different countries have different incentive programs. For example, read about Spain’s Beckham Law.