Portugal Bank Account - Does Transferwise's New Service Qualify?

Hey all,

Transferwise (now known as Wise) appears to have turned into an online bank and is offering multicurrency accounts. So with the same Wise account, you can get separate Euro, USD etc. accounts with their own account numbers, IBAN, Routing# etc. (depending on the location/currency). Multi Currency Account | Foreign Currency Account by Wise.

Does anyone have a view on whether this can be used for the Portugal GV, D7 etc.? That’d save a lot of hassle with opening a bank account given that we can’t visit Portugal anytime soon.


Hi Mukund
Firstly, multicurrency accounts at Wise are not new. They have been doing that for 2 years .
Secondly, no, it won’t work for GV, D7 etc.

Thanks for your response.