Portugal Golden Visa - Brexit - Brits apply now?

Hi - with the UK now technically and legally no longer being a member of the EU (we’re just in a transition period), can Britons now apply under Portugal’s Golden Visa scheme? I know most people are saying at the end of the transition period (end of 2020) Britons can apply, but i was just thinking that as the UK is now already out of the EU, and the Golden Visa law refer to citizens of non-EU countries, couldn’t Britons technically apply now?

Appreciate any insights - want to keep my EU citizenship!


Hey @sm33, I don’t think you can yet and I wouldn’t be surprised if Portugal and the UK agreed some kind of special regime in this respect. I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

Have you thought of residence in Portugal or maybe another route to PT citizenship?

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Hi, just wondering if UK nationals :uk: are able to purchase property in Portugal :house_with_garden: and reside there (as EU citizens​:eu:) without having to apply for a Golden Visa IF the process is started PRIOR to 31 December 2020. As much as we are hoping there will be some deal between Portugal and the UK, we would prefer to avoid having to pay the Golden Visa fees :pound::euro: by just fast tracking our plans if at all possible. Anyone have any insight on this subject? :thinking: Thanks!:grinning:

Hello, I haven’t seen anything so far indicating that it wouldn’t be possible. However, if I were you, I’d probably do it sooner rather than later (ie don’t wait until December 30th to implement it).

Just one additional note: if and when you actually decide to become PT residents, you might want to benefit from the non-habitual residents regime (a special tax regime) but please bear in mind that this needs be planned in advance (ie before you actually move to a Portugal).

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Hi Gui,
Thanks for the info & especially the “heads up” regarding the non-habitual residents regime. Just got reconfirmation from another source that UK nationals are considered EU citizens through the transition period (until the end of 2020). This will save us thousands of euros in the end as long as we get on with things quickly. Do you happen to know how we get the non-habitual residents regime set up in advance? Also, I keep reading that we need NIF #s before we do anything. Since we aren’t currently in Portugal and won’t physically be able to get there until @4 July & don’t really know where we will end up living, do you know if we can apply for these remotely to a general office? So many questions, so little time to figure it all out. :crazy_face: Thanks a bunch for any insight you can offer.
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