Portugal GV documents for US Citizens

I have been told by my PT lawyer who is helping me with the GV, that one of the first things I need to provide for the SEF is proof of a tax identification number of the country of tax residence, which in my case would be the USA. I have not read anywhere that this is necessary and I don’t know how I can provide proof of a tax id number (I assume that would be my Social Security number). Has anyone else been asked to provide this?

I haven’t heard of this requirement but also haven’t quite gotten that far in the process with my attorney. As for proof, I would thinking your social security card or IRS tax transcript would do the trick.

Yes, it is one of the documents required to submit to SEF for GV. (Proof of SSN is also required by the bank before they will open an account for you) I provided my tax return as proof of SSN. (I just gave my attorney a PDF copy of my last year’s return) Some people were asked to use their social security card. Here is a list of require documents for each GV category:

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This document indicates that proof of health insurance is required. There are conflicting reports whether the health insurance proof is needed for the application. I have heard that some lawyers request it and some do not.

My understanding is that some of the requirements eg. proof of health insurance and proof of valid entry into Portugal are required only at the biometrics appointment. I think the idea is that you entered into the country legally and with health insurance coverage.

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@loheiman That’s what our lawyer told us as well.

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Thanks, that’s really helpful.