Portugal GV Fund Comparison?

If you are looking for an investment option that is low cost, low risk, low maintenance, I have got an option for you.

It’s a brand new investment fund, so it is not on the list of funds here. It’s a unleverage real estate fund investing on rehabilitation projects and commercial rental properties.

  • 100% capital guaranteed fund
  • 3% guaranteed annual income, from day 1, paid annually.
  • 3% income is tax exempted for non tax resident.

There is a 2% subscription fee and 0% management fee (management fee is already deducted before the 3% guaranteed income).

Plus, there is no IMT, stamp duty, notary fee.

If you are interested, send me a PM for more info.

Hello Joseph,
did you get approval from SEF?
I’ve been thinking a lot and can not choose between BlueCrow and IMGA, the big risk with IMGA is that there is no approved case so far. If I find any lucky person I will go with IMGA.
Btw only from your presentation, I realized that AUM in two of these funds is the same.

Also will be good to know if any one in the forum has gotten SEF approval using BPI Portugal FIAA Fund.

As I understand it, SEF is currently closed and nothing is getting approved right now.

“Declaration issued by the holding company of the respective investment fund, attesting the
feasibility of the capitalization plan, the maturity of, at least, five years, and the application
of at least 60% of the investment in commercial companies with head office in national

I am having tough time understanding how BPI Portugal FIAA Fund or IMGA Acoes Portugal funds meet the maturity of 5 years requirement above from SEF. It looks like the funds meet rest of the categories from the document.

Joseph, where do you see this information.


According to this the SEF open since April 19th

Who was your lawyers? You send the screenshot of lawyers but you finally used them or another firm?
btw I heard that BCP said they have success case with IMGA, if anyone have account there can you ask if it is true?
Thank you

what lawyer did you use for IMGA and what bank they open account for you?
as i understood Lawyers matters a lot