Portugal GV "Fund of Funds?" + more on using IRA funds

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I wonder how much more paperwork it really is to do 3 over 2. I’d prefer to do 3, myself, that just seems right. My lawyer doesn’t seem to think it matters, but he hasn’t done it yet either.

But I can’t decide on the third so shrug. (I was looking at buying a 280k property too, but not sure I want to be limited to a 3% ROI given inflation prospects.)

It should not be much tbh. I think it really depends on the minimums you need to put into the funds. The funds that were initiated in (late) 2020 seem to have a high minimum investment requirement, which kind of limits how many funds you would like to invest in. If you ask these funds what they would change if they would have the opportunity, the unanimous response is to lower the min investment threshold.

If you can “diversify in a credible way” as much as possible, I would vote for it, and unf can onyl be done through funds :slight_smile:. On the EUR280k property, i just feel although the initial outlay is lower, you would have ongoing charges for keep up + the additional overall taxes, and when you have ongoing cost friction, I am definitely not a taker of it.

So, if you can do 3 instead of 2, all thumbs up, provided you have found the right funds with the right minimums to add up to EUR350k. At most its another certificate from the fund provider + a custodian bank statement on the total invested.

There are a couple of 280K options that provide 3% + buyback. they’re not terrible ideas. Just that that’s all the return you will get.

Right now it’s BC and Rock, and C2/Medcap would be the third. That’s a pretty diverse set. But I haven’t completed DD on it.

Lawyer views it as if it’s like doing a property based visa - as long as the documentation is clear, you can buy 5 apartments and as long as it all adds up to your 500k then great.

Hey Jeff, can I request you for details on 280k propert with a 3% roi? The roi must cover the annual maintenance expenses and taxation.

Hi @adityadesaraju what did you end up choosing for your investments? Did you have experience investing in MedCapital?

Sorry, no. Went with BPI Fund which is a open ended listed fund. I must say I am very happy with it so far.