Open Investment Fund options for US Citizen

I’ve been researching open ended investment funds to have an exit plan if the GV program for applicants after Feb 16th is cut-off

@tkrunning listed 3 open ended fund options here - The end of Portugal's Golden Visa—for real this time? - #81 by tkrunning which includes like Optimize Portugal, IMGA Ações Portugal, and Sixty Degrees Ações Portugal.

In my reading I know IMGA held at Bison Bank will work (Atlantico says they can’t hold IMGA) but are the other funds also viable for US Persons (i.e. FATCA/PFIC compliant) that I should research?

Thanks all


Doing some more research it’s clear IMGA is the winning fund with over 140M GBP in holdings while Optimize and Sixty Degrees are just over 2M GBP each. A good way to compare is to pull up each fund on to see each one’s fund size, initial/ongoing/exit charges and other items.

I spoke to both Optimize and Sixty degrees and they both confirmed they are FATCA and PFIC ready. They were responsive and helpful.

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