Portugal PM resigns over corruption probe

Portugal’s PM Costa resigns over corruption investigation


Which has very interesting implications for the proposed end of NHR!

Why? The same party will just form government with a different PM and ram NHR changes in…

It’s a possibility that the president calls a new election, with the current popularity of PS it wouldn’t be surprising if they lose power (or at least their absolute majority).

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There may be more delays in passing new legislation now.

Costa’s plans maybe subject to change.

Talking to a few locals now in Lisbon didn’t give the impression of a celebrated politician.

Overall a positive for us I believe.


oh wow, I didnt realise the president could call an election, I guess I am used to Anglo parliamentary systems…

Still the polling favours PS, Opinion polling for the next Portuguese legislative election - Wikipedia

Wouldn’t be surprised if they get back in. Though this scandal, and more scandals in the future might hurt them…

Does anyone know the opposition’s ( PSD) policies on things like d7/d8/GV, citizenship etc?

My main worry is they want to change naturalisation laws…

Good riddance!

Happy to be enlightened by someone with more knowledge of Portuguese history and its modern day Parliament, but…

Portuguese I’ve spoken to today say the Chair just proposing a new government is ‘not typical,’ has only happened once and that didn’t go well (??). Again any history buffs please chime in here.

They also feel ditching the current NHR was Costa’s idea, and at least he’s gone.

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The scuttlebutt in my political enthusiast circle is that Marcelo will probably call elections

I’m concerned chega might do well (the racist and more relevantly for ARI applicants anti immigrant party) and sad that IL is in the dumps right now.

I don’t know much about PSD but I guess I should learn

President accepts Costa’s resignation - The Portugal News

What the leader of Chega says:

Gold visas are “a way for Portugal to capture investment”

The Chega leader argued that this regime “it exists in the vast majority of the countries of the European Union” and “it has been a way for Portugal to capture investment” .

What garrett says:

I’m concerned chega might do well (the racist and more relevantly for ARI applicants anti immigrant party)

I’m not endorsing Chega. I’m merely pointing out that garrett is once again presenting “alternative facts”.


They are fundamentally a populist party is my understanding. I don’t think they fight hard for investor immigrants given their hate for non investor immigrants and how many of them are Chinese or Indian etc

I’d hope people here generally find their racist populist rhetoric bad too

But perhaps I’m wrong

When have I posted “alternative facts” as you say?

I asked my lawyers, CG, on Tuesday about the budget legislation that will disband the NHR scheme and he told me there was a preliminary vote on it in the parliament at the end of October. A full debate and vote was due at the end of November but events immediately following my discussion have clearly disrupted that budget debate and vote.

The important takeaway to this point that remains relevant is that I was told the budget vote was passed. The ruling party majority government voted in favour. Every other party voted against it. This is what I was told happened by my immigration and tax lawyers. If that is the case, if every other party voted against the budget legislation that removes the NHR scheme, then it bodes more positively for our immediate future than earlier in the week.

We await the meeting with the president later this week to see what will happen but as it stands right now there is a more positive view that we don’t have to rush any NHR moves before December 31 than earlier in the week.

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All sorts of scenarios in this article, including this one I don’t care for:

Rebelo de Sousa could ask Costa to stay on as caretaker until his proposed 2024 budget is passed at the end of the month and dissolve parliament afterward.

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Lithium/ hydrogen arrests: jailed five to appear before judge - Portugal Resident

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Good article @emailtoasifali

If true these allegations are huge… “questions that were raised years ago by investigative journalists’ whose programme was shut down” and “the prime minister’s official residence being used for meetings in which favours were sought and granted.”

At the same time, I’m impressed to see a functioning democracy at work here (perhaps a bit late), and people being held accountable. Perhaps the UK could learn a few things?

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When one shares one’s concerns or worries, others here have called it “FUD” in the past.

That’s not an issue of FUD, but rather he was fact checked. There’s a difference.

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The resignation of the PM could have some far ranging implications. I’ve read some articles saying that he might stay on temporarily, but that seems unlikely.

The President needs to weigh holding a new election that would risk minority parties taking on disproportionate influence, or appointing a new PM that would risk upsetting the democratic election process. I assume that he will call a new election but admittedly I am usually wrong about these types of things.

Of the outstanding issues:

  1. NHR.
  2. Lisbon Airport decision
  3. TAP sale

All of these things likely will remain in limbo at a time when the government needs to move forward after years of stagnation. I suppose a new airport in 2045 isn’t out of the question now.