Portuguese Citizenship application after 5 years of Golden Visa

Correct. My lawyer mentioned 2027 being the year I can apply for citizenship, based on my 2022 application. (Still no pre-approval for me.)


They had GV residence only, but recently moved to Portugal, but for sure not have lived the whole 5 yr period. It is the same document contagem de tempo was used to prove 5 yr residency. But PR requires living here. And you need the proof of address. Unfortunately both cases were in Madeira. It is autonous region and the rules may differ. :confused:

Hi , any updates on this subject. Appreciate any feedback ?

My lawyer claims the 5 year clock starts at time of fee payment rather than biometrics. I followed up asking why she is sure of this and she replied:

We are still waiting for the specific regulations to this new law to be published, but we have information from Immigration Office it is counted from online application.

I can’t counter your lawyer, ohbee, and I hope she is as right as rain. Still, a lawyer I recently spoke with about possible GV processing services suggested that the 5 year clock may likely run from biometrics because historically for many years that was when SEF internally considered applications complete (of course, AIMA could ignore that precedent). Regulations may not arise any time soon, they continued, but applicants and lawyers alike shall learn the definitive answer once the Registry (Ministry of Justice) gets its first batch of citizenship applications timed to 5 years after paid application and responds. If those proceed, it shall be as your esteemed lawyer states and applicants shall act accordingly. Or, the Registry could reject those thus instructing us all that the timing is based on biometrics, assuming that we still lack regulations then. “This is the Portuguese way, [without the regulations] do it and learn as you go, we are taught from that, and we do it again in the way that worked.”
Finally, this lawyer observed that today’s estimated up to 2 years Registry citizenship processing backlog is nothing compared to what’s coming years down the road with 500,000 residency applications stuck in SEF/AIMA hell, among them some 10,000 or so GV’ers. (Incidentally, I also learned that back in the before times SEF processed GV applications separately from all other residency types and with predictable alacrity. Clearly, I’m a dumbass for not pursuing my initial notion of exploring PT GV some 8 years ago!)
One more point back to my post roughly #305 above: this lawyer also countered what I conveyed from another law firm about GV citizenship qualifications. Legal presumptions overstep proof of ties with Article 6.1 naturalization applicants for citizenship, which include GV, just as we all understand. Not sure why the other lawyers asserted otherwise to me, leading to my questioning this thread’s brain trust, but still no reply to my follow up email seeking clarity. Done with them.

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Yes, that is indeed the other possible interpretation of the law (as exhaustively discussed in this forum). No one knows until the regulations appear!

I was watching lots of clips and reading lots of opinions thru forum of the portuguese speaking immigrants. Funnily enough, some of them are worried that the new citizenship law is not going to apply to Manifestacao de Interesse. According to them, new citizenship law is going to apply to Golden Visa only. Because GV applicant paid 500k + fees that contributes huge tax to the economy. It makes me laugh. But I understand their points. A factory worker from Mozambique now works in Central Portugal and earns 850 monthly. How much taxes he pay per year? One GV investor with 500k property in Alfama has a rental income 2500Euros/month. How much taxes does a GV investor need to pay? It is normal that a low wage people have fear about the GV investors…Only the stamp duty of the 500k property itself is already about 35k - a giant contribution to economy in the mind of MI people.

Here in this group, some people think that people of Manifestaçao of Interresse contribute more and new law will be directed to MI people. However, in the group of MI people, they think the opposite and GV investors are the one who deserve the new law.

To say who contributes more, only the tax authority knows. It needs to be compared precisely by numbers. I believe that lots of MI people work at minimum wages or even under minimum wages (without contract during the time of waiting for resident card). And I am 100% sure that they entered the country without paying anything while GV investors pay fortune before they arrive. Lots of GV do not live in Portugal but contribute taxes via Fund or Property income rental. So, it’s difficult to tell who contributes more unless tax authority mades an accurate comparison.

One important point to note that the requirements of citizenship application does not have anything related to tax.


Safe to say on which side you’d find applications that were deleted because of inability to pay the 400 euro fee…

The annoying part is, there’s absolutely no need to pick winners! Portugal has plenty of room for both groups, and in fact the GV investments could be directed toward building rental units to drive down rents if the government arranged it that way.

Though I think the issue of red tape and local planning controls probably is more of a problem than money, in Portugal’s case (there’s plenty of money that would love to build housing, if it were practical)

I really hope us immigrant groups don’t fall for the us vs them thing. Maybe it would be good to try and interact with/make friends with some of the nonGV immigrant groups? I don’t know how we’d start with that frankly but maybe something for us to think about


Nothing brings people together like a good protest.

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