Portuguese Language requirements for teens on golden visa

Hello, my son will be 16 years old when our family becomes eligible for applying for citizenship now that period from application onwards will be counted in the 5-year wait period. Does he have to complete the language proficiency test? Are there any nuances around this that we need to be aware of?

There are 2 possible paths:

  1. If he can maintain the GV until he is 18 then he can apply for naturalization himself which requires A2 Portuguese (PLA course or CIPLE test). This may require you delay getting citizenship yourself until he turns 18 since once you are a citizen he likely can’t renew GV. This option is more predictable, if he meets the requirements he should be able to get citizenship.
  2. If you become a citizen before he turns 18 he can apply as a minor child of a naturalized citizen, but this requires proving a connection to Portugal which is subjective. The language test may help but it may not be necessary and it also may not be sufficient. This option is less predictable, if the bureaucrat processing his application thinks his connection is insufficient, he may not get citizenship.
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Given the wait time these days , he might be 18 before it gets processed anyway. Easier and better to have him pass the language test.

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